“Practical plan to tackle flour crisis in Karachi by bringing wheat at government rates from interior Sindh”

Flour crisis in Karachi: Practical plan prepared to bring wheat at government rates from interior Sindh

Karachi: A practical plan has been prepared to tackle the flour crisis in the city of Quaid by bringing wheat from interior Sindh at government rates.

According to details, the Food Department of Sindh has taken a new practical measure to control the flour crisis in Karachi. It has been decided to supply wheat to Karachi from interior Sindh on an emergency basis.

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Due to the ongoing strike at the Flour Mills for the last three days, there is a fear of wheat shortage in the city. To address this issue, the Sindh government has contacted the Whole Seller’s Association to supply wheat from interior Sindh to Karachi.

According to Abdul Rauf Ibrahim, President of the Whole Seller’s Association, the Food Department of Sindh has also issued rates for the supply of wheat from interior Sindh to Karachi. The official government rate for wheat in Karachi is set at Rs. 125 per kilogram, while the retail rate is fixed at Rs. 130 per kilogram.

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The Sindh government has asked Abdul Rauf Ibrahim for details of the daily supply of wheat in Karachi. He informed them that the Food Department of Sindh has assured the supply of wheat at government rates in Karachi. In this regard, the Sindh government is in the final stages of consultation with the Food Department and the Flour Mills Association.

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On the other hand, a General Body Meeting of the Flour Mills Association has also been called to implement the proposals of the Sindh government. The meeting of the Flour Mills will discuss the supply of 500,000 bags of wheat and the distribution of wheat across the province for one week.

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