“Preparations Finalized for Burial of Hathyari Noor Jehan in Karachi”

Preparations for the burial of the elephant Hathi Nur Jahan, who passed away yesterday in Karachi’s Chaudhry Zoo, have been completed. The burial will take place within the zoo premises after a post-mortem examination.

The director of the zoo informed the media that a 15-foot deep, 14-foot long, and 12-foot wide grave has been dug for the burial. Four maunds of lime and antibacterial medicines have been added where the elephant will be buried. They also revealed that the body of Hathi Nur Jahan will be lowered down into the grave through cranes, under the supervision of the administrator of Karachi, Dr. Saeed-ur-Rehman.

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The director added that Dr. Aamer’s team is currently conducting the post-mortem examination of the elephant, and after its completion, the burial process will commence.

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Abdul Rehman

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