Preparations, images for the coronation of Britain’s new king

Britain’s new king, Charles III, is set to be crowned in a grand ceremony in London on Saturday, May 6, and arrangements are being finalized for the event.

After the passing of Queen Elizabeth of Britain last year, her eldest grandson, Prince Charles, assumed the throne and now his formal coronation will take place on Saturday, May 6 at Westminster Abbey in London, with the participation of heads of state from various countries, as well as global personalities and the royal family.

Tourists from all over the country have started arriving in London for this historic ceremony, and locals are also enthusiastic about it. There is a hustle and bustle in London regarding this event, with preparations being made to make Charles’ coronation ceremony a memorable one.

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The historic Royal Stone of Destiny, which is considered sacred for British royalty, has been moved from Scotland to London for the coronation. This stone has been used for the coronation of British and Scottish monarchs since the 9th century.

A special chair is being decorated for the coronation ceremony of King Charles. This chair is 700 years old and has a historical significance.

The historical Chair of St. Edward was first used in 1308 during the coronation of King Edward II. Buckingham Palace stated that the King and his wife, Camilla, will also sit on other historical chairs during various stages of the coronation ceremony.

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The Speaker of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom, Lindsay Hoyle, is standing with the State Coach (Royal Carriage) from the 17th century. Speakers traditionally use this coach for ceremonial events.

The King’s attire for the coronation is kept in the Throne Room of Buckingham Palace, which King Charles III will wear during the ceremony.

A crown has been made for King Charles using wool from sheep in Wales, which is adorned with jewels and kept in a post office box.

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British flags have been raised on Regent Street in honor of King Charles’ coronation.

Excitement and fervor can be felt throughout the UK for King Charles’ coronation, and there are souvenir items available in the market to commemorate the occasion.

A picture of King Charles III has been hung in a restaurant. Whenever there is a ceremony in the British royal family, the supporters of the royal family gather around Buckingham Palace. Such scenes are also being witnessed this time.

Tourists and supporters of the royal family have already started arriving in London before the coronation of King Charles.

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