Prominent personalities express their thoughts and deliver a message to the public regarding the current state of the country.

Fahad Mustafa, a renowned actor and game show host from Pakistan, conveyed his thoughts and message to the people in a video message. He said that the Pakistani army is great, and we all know the sacrifices they have made for the country. In every difficult moment, the Pakistani army has stood by us.

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Fahad Mustafa also stated that holding grudges against the Pakistani army is equivalent to enmity with Pakistan. Pursue your politics, but do not bring the Pakistani army in between.

Social worker Ramzan Chhipa stated that attacks on properties, violating the sanctity of homes, are not part of Islamic or political culture. It is not wise to harm oneself with one’s own hands, and it is not justice to burn down our own properties. Such incidents impact our image worldwide.

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Singer, actor, and host Fakhr-e-Alam said in a video message that I am proud of the Pakistani armed forces. I stand with the Pakistani army, and Pakistan is alive and thriving.

Anchorperson Shazia Khan said in a video message, “Will the daughters of martyrs not ask their mothers? For the sake of these same villains, my father sacrificed his life. Today, the families of martyrs are asking how you accomplished what the enemy couldn’t.”

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