Promise to eliminate the walls of hatred for progress, Saadique Sanjrani.

Islamabad: Chairman of the Senate, Saadique Sanjrani, issued his message on the occasion of Pakistan’s Martyrs’ Day, stating that we promise to eliminate the walls of hatred for the progress and happiness of Pakistan.

In his message, Chairman of the Senate Saadique Sanjrani said that the death of a martyr is the life of the nation. Every true patriot considers it their duty to love those who sacrificed their lives for the love of the country and the soil. Our faith is that the nation will never forget the sacrifices of the martyrs.

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Saadique Sanjrani said that no matter what the circumstances are, loving the guardians is synonymous with loving Pakistan. Nations that forget their martyrs are not mentioned in history.

He said that the blood of the martyrs is a debt upon all of us. We promise that we will never allow any disrespect to the sanctity and honor of the martyrs of our beloved homeland.

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Abdul Rehman

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