Provincial Minister Pervez Elahi’s important announcement regarding supporting Imran Khan:

After parting ways with close companions, the President of Tehreek-e-Insaf, Pervez Elahi, has come forward with a statement regarding Imran Khan.

Pervez Elahi, while declaring his commitment to stand by Imran Khan, said that they are standing with Imran Khan like a wall. The power to come and go is in the hands of Allah alone, who bestows honor. No one can take it away.

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Chaudhry Wajahat has congratulated the Pervez Elahi group.

Pervez Elahi said, “Whatever responsibilities Imran Khan has given me, I have remained loyal to him. I am not against Chaudhry Wajahat at all. I have no objection to whatever decisions Chaudhry Wajahat has made.”

They stated that Munis Elahi also has no objections to Chaudhry Wajahat’s decisions. Munis Elahi and I are standing with Imran Khan like a wall.

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They said that they fully support Imran Khan’s statements. The military is our own institution, and this is our own country. Misunderstandings are a separate issue. Our relationship with the establishment should be good.

Abdul Rehman

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