PTI’s Rally: Police Arrested Workers

The Islamabad police have arrested a large number of workers, including women, who participated in the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) rally to express solidarity with the judiciary. According to details, during Chairman Imran Khan’s call for unity rallies across the country from the Supreme Court, a large number of male and female workers, along with the public, were present.

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At this occasion, a heavy police deployment was made outside F-9 Park, and police vans were stationed outside the park.

Suddenly, the police began arresting PTI workers present outside the F-9 Park, during which four PTI workers, including two women, were arrested.

The police charged with batons and cleared the Jinnah Avenue. The PTI workers, who were present outside the F-9 Park, dispersed.

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It is evident that today, in support of the Constitution and the Supreme Court, the PTI held rallies in various cities of the country, while Imran Khan led a rally in Lahore.

During the rallies, PTI workers protested with placards and raised slogans in support of the judiciary. The participants chanted slogans in favor of the judiciary and against the PDM government.

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During this time, they addressed the participants and said that they would hold meetings from next week until May 14, and if elections were not held in Punjab on the scheduled date, they would take to the streets.

Abdul Rehman

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