Punjab Elections: Supreme Court demands report from Ministry of Finance on funds allocation

According to News, the Supreme Court has demanded a report from the Ministry of Finance regarding the allocation of Rs. 21 billion funds for the Punjab elections.

The Supreme Court had issued orders on April 27 to relevant authorities regarding the Punjab and other election matters to release funds of Rs. 21 billion by April 27. However, despite the passage of this deadline, the funds have not yet been released to the Election Commission.

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The Supreme Court has now demanded a report from the Ministry of Finance on the allocation of these funds and has also written to the State Bank.

The Supreme Court Registrar’s office has sent a notice to the Ministry of Finance, but the ministry has not yet submitted its report to the Registrar’s office despite the Election Commission having already submitted its progress report on the funds to the Supreme Court.

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According to sources, the report submitted by the Election Commission has informed the Supreme Court that the required Rs. 21 billion funds have not been allocated for the elections.

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The Supreme Court is awaiting reports from both institutions, after which further judicial action will be taken regarding the funds and election matters.

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