Qasim Suri’s brother has also severed ties with the PTI.

Quetta: The brother of former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Qasim Suri, announced his separation from the PTI and politics while condemning the events of May 9.

During a press conference in Quetta, Hashim Suri, the brother of Qasim Suri, told journalists that they strongly condemn the events of May 9, and my brother Qasim Suri also does not believe in the politics of agitation and unrest.

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Hashim Suri said that my brother Qasim Suri strongly condemns the events of May 9 using strong language. We are peaceful citizens, and we should not be dragged into politics.

He said that after May 9, my brother Bilal Khan was arrested from our house, and neither I nor my elder brother Bilal Khan have any association with politics or the PTI.

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They further stated that our entire family is in deep sorrow due to the recent circumstances and events. We strongly condemn the events of May 9, and we are with the Pakistan Army.

Abdul Rehman

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