Rana Sanaullah’s Speech on Upcoming Caretaker Government and Elections in Pakistan

On completion of the tenure of assemblies on August 16, a caretaker government will be formed,” said Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah. He was addressing a gathering in Kamalpur, Faisalabad and stated that after the assemblies complete their tenure, a caretaker government will be established, which will hold elections simultaneously throughout the country.

While speaking at a rally in Kamalpur, Faisalabad, Rana Sanaullah said that the elections will be held this year and will be transparent and fair. It is necessary for the elections to be transparent and fair because if we succeed, Imran Khan will not accept it and will say that there has been rigging. He wants the country to move towards chaos and corruption.

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Rana Sanaullah said that Imran Khan had promised during his tenure that he would not negotiate with the opposition, and now he is saying that he will not negotiate with the government. He did not do anything during his four-year tenure as Prime Minister. Imran Khan is the first Prime Minister against whom a vote of no-confidence was successful.

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He said that Imran Khan had made a deal with the IMF, which we are fulfilling and that is why we have reached this point. The IMF forced the increase in petrol prices and the removal of subsidies on gas and electricity. The previous government had signed the deal with the IMF, and we tried our best to get out of it, but the IMF said that we had made this deal with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and we had to fulfill it compulsorily.

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He said that we spent four years in opposition, cases were filed against us, but we did not back down. Now that we are in power, they are filing cases against us, but we will not back down.

Abdul Rehman

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