Rapid Increase in Malaria Cases and Deaths in Pakistan Due to Climate Change

The incidence and deaths from malaria are increasing rapidly in Pakistan. According to the WHO, after the devastating floods, malaria cases in Pakistan have quadrupled, reaching one million.

World Malaria Day is being observed today (Tuesday) around the world, including Pakistan, to promote efforts to prevent and reduce malaria. The World Health Organization has said that Pakistan and I are experiencing a rapid increase in malaria and deaths from it due to climate change.

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According to Peter Sands, head of the Global Fund, which is working to control HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria, one child dies every minute from this disease. He said that the greatest risk is for children under five years old and pregnant women, whose deaths are largely due to delays in diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

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Sands further said that the issue of malaria is also serious in countries affected by the risks of climate change. This year, we need to be more vigilant. If malaria is getting worse, we need to work to control it.

In this regard, environmental agencies have said that in Europe, annual deaths of 1200 children are due to air pollution.

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Abdul Rehman

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