“Renowned Pakistani Actress Sadia Imam’s Death Rumors Declared False”

A friend of renowned Pakistani actress and model Sadia Imam has declared the news of her death as baseless. This morning, an Instagram story was shared on the official Instagram account of the actress and model Sadia Imam, which stated that she had died in her room today.

The news of the actress’s death spread like wildfire on social media, but a contestant of a reality show shared a story stating that she is perfectly fine. Friends of the model and actress, who also participated in ARY Digital’s show, confirmed through an Instagram post that Sadia Imam is completely fine and this news is false. The actress’s legal advisor also informed through an Instagram post that Sadia Imam is alive and she will soon update everyone regarding the rumors. Some social media pages have also claimed that Sadia Imam is perfectly fine and the news of her death is false.

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It is being said that Sadia’s Instagram account and Facebook were hacked, and this story was posted by hackers.

Abdul Rehman

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