Responsibility for the drone attack on the presidential palace lies with America, Russia says

Moscow: Russia has announced that it holds its biggest enemy, the United States, responsible for the drone attack on the presidential palace and will respond accordingly.

According to foreign media, last night a drone attack was carried out on the Kremlin, the presidential palace, to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin. The drone, coming from an unknown direction, collided with the dome of the palace and was destroyed, causing no casualties.

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The Kremlin spokesperson said in a statement today that America is responsible for the drone attack on the presidential palace because Ukraine’s actions have been approved by the United States.

The spokesperson said that they follow Washington’s orders and carry out attacks, and know that behind such actions, it is not Kiev but Washington.

The spokesperson for the presidential palace said that Russia is aware of America’s interference in Ukraine and is investigating the drone attack on the Kremlin. Russia reserves the right to respond with various measures to the attack.

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Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that those who attacked the presidential palace will be soon found, and law enforcement agencies are busy with the search.

The Foreign Ministry said that a response to the attack on the presidential palace will be given, and there is no doubt that Ukraine is behind the drone attack.

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It should be noted that Ukraine has rejected Russian allegations by expressing irrelevance to the drone attack on the palace. The Ukrainian president said that we have rejected Russian allegations by saying that we have nothing to do with the attack on Vladimir Putin.

Abdul Rehman

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