Rising prices have become a global issue, causing a woman in Canada to start feeding her young child insects.

The increasing cost of living has made it impossible for not only Pakistan but also for the average and poor classes all over the world to survive, and even the citizens of developed countries are unable to cope with it. A woman in Canada, who was troubled by inflation, started feeding her young child insects (crickets) to ensure the protein content in his diet.

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According to foreign media reports, the woman is an author named Tiffany who resides in Toronto and took this step to fulfill the nutritional needs of her 18-month-old baby while staying within her budget. Tiffany stated that due to the rising prices of food, she decided to make dietary changes for her child and did not want to compromise on the protein content in his diet. Therefore, she decided to include crickets in his food.

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She further explained that she obtained crickets from farms due to the rising prices of food. She bought cricket puffs, cricket protein powder, and whole roasted crickets. As a result, her grocery bill has decreased by approximately 8,000 Canadian dollars per week. Previously, her weekly expenses were 25,000 Canadian dollars, which have now decreased to 17,000 Canadian dollars.

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