Robbers in Karachi Kill a Young Man for Refusing to Give Motorcycle and Spark Protest

In Karachi, dacoits (robbers) have set up another funeral procession in a house, and a young man was shot in the head for not giving his motorcycle. According to the details, the city is not taking the names of stopping the influx of dacoits, and every day the citizens are being targeted with firing on resistance.

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In Karachi, another mother’s lap was shattered by the robbers, and a 19-year-old boy was killed during dacoity in Korangi. Armed robbers shot Hafiz on the head for not giving his motorcycle.

During the dacoity in Korangi, a young man was injured by firing from the robbers, but he died during treatment.

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Incensed individuals against the incident blocked the central road of Korangi No.2 by protesting and closed the road for traffic. Hafiz’s funeral prayer was offered on the connecting road from his house, in which a large number of people, including family members and local residents, participated.

Hafiz’s mother said that everything was taken away, but still my child’s life was taken. While his brother said that today my brother went, tomorrow it will be someone else.

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Abdul Rehman

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