Saeed Ghani comments on municipal elections and PTI in Karachi

“Hafiz Sahib’s fate of becoming a mayor is not in your hands”: Saeed Ghani, a leader of the Pakistan People’s Party, said in Karachi. According to ARY News, while speaking to the media, PPP leader Saeed Ghani said that if you can’t become the majority, then stop crying.

He said that Hafiz Nauman Rahman is trying to become an MQM member, if we win, then you won, otherwise, congratulations to you. Saeed Ghani said that Jamaat-e-Islami leaders tell a lot of lies, they say that People’s Party has cheated in the population census, the results of the municipal elections are surprising for Jamaat-e-Islami, there has been an increase in their seats, they should be grateful.

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In addition, Saeed Ghani said that the public was incited on the issue of Imran Khan’s arrest, and PTI Chairman says that I was in protective custody, I don’t know anything, the police and people’s vehicles were burned, those who caused damage to the Commander’s house and property are called ‘best friends’. The PPP leader said that PTI has committed more terrorism than terrorist organizations, if any terrorist organization attacks, there will be an operation, but whatever Lal Masjid does, they will get all facilities, we have to decide whether to save the country or Lal Masjid.

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