Salman Khan has signed a deal worth 500 crore rupees.

Despite the underperformance of his recent film “Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan,” Dabangg Khan has signed a big deal worth 500 crore rupees.

According to Indian media reports, Bollywood’s Dabangg Khan Salman Khan has been ruling the industry for the past three decades. While he has experienced many ups and downs in his career, his position in the industry remains strong. Now, he has secured a deal worth 500 crore rupees with the streaming platform Zee5.

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Salman Khan’s deal with Zee5 is for a period of five years. Under this deal, Zee5 will have the satellite rights to Salman’s films. The deal will commence from January of the current year, starting with the release of the film “Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan,” which will be the first film to stream on Zee5.

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However, Salman Khan’s upcoming film “Tiger 3” will not be streamed on Zee5, as the production company “Yash Raj Films” has already signed a contract with another streaming platform.

Salman Khan and Zee5 have had a previous association. Earlier, Salman’s film “Radhe” was also streamed on Zee5 and despite negative reviews, it broke records on the platform.

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It is evident that Salman Khan has previously signed a similar deal worth 400 to 500 crore rupees.

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