Saudi Arabia: Important step for female teachers

Riyadh: Female teachers in Saudi Arabia have been granted permission to teach primary school students. The decision has been made in the broader interest of male and female students.

According to Urdu News, the Saudi Ministry of Education has granted permission to female teachers in the country to teach students from nursery to sixth grade in private and international schools.

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The decision has been communicated to all educational institutions in the regions by Education Minister Yusuf Al-Benyan.

The new decision issued by the Education Minister states that women are allowed to teach boys and girls up to the sixth grade.

The decision is aimed at benefiting male and female students, enabling them to easily obtain education from nursery to primary stages and attend school with mental peace and tranquility.

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The Education Minister has assured that the purpose of the decision is to provide opportunities for the private sector to play a significant role in delivering modern educational services.

Abdul Rehman

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