Saudi student makes an important medical discovery

Canberra: According to Al-Arabiya News, a Saudi student studying at Taif University in Australia has identified a gene that can protect against liver disease.

Jawaher Al-Harthy, a student at the University of Sydney, made a rare medical discovery that can prevent the risk of fatty liver disease and also save fatty liver disease patients from complications caused by COVID-19.

The research study identified factors that contribute to the increased risk of complications associated with fatty liver disease. By further studying these factors, the possibility of developing new treatments for these diseases has increased. Jawaher Al-Harthy has published her rare research discovery in the scientific journal, Nature Communications.

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Saudi student Jawaher Al-Harthy explained that her rare medical discovery provides protection against fatty liver disease and reduces the complications of COVID-19 in patients with fatty liver disease.

She stated that during her research, she was successful in identifying important genes that cause severe damage to the liver’s functions and contribute to the increased rate of inflammatory cytokines, resulting in an increase in the body’s defensive activities.

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They further said that I have succeeded in making an edit with the working team that proves helpful in restoring the gene to its normal level in the liver, which can be a big breakthrough in treating the aforementioned diseases.

This discovery can prove to be a significant breakthrough in the treatment of these diseases, especially since fatty liver disease is the most common disease worldwide and is affecting nearly three-quarters of the population, including Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries where the incidence of fatty liver disease is high.

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Jawaher Al-Harthy added that during my research, I reached the conclusion that the reason for the increase in deaths among patients with fatty liver disease and coronavirus is a genetic element because the virus has the ability to alter human genetic makeup, resulting in an increase in the spread of the disease and deterioration of the condition of patients with fatty liver disease.

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