“Security increased in Sindh jails for Eid due to terrorism threats”

Decision made to increase security in Sindh jails during Eid

Karachi: It has been decided to increase security in Sindh jails during Eid due to the threat of terrorism. According to details, the IG Jail has written a letter to the jail superintendents regarding security, stating that there are security concerns in Sindh jails, especially in Karachi and Hyderabad. All means should be used to make jail security foolproof.

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The IG Jail wrote in the letter that all officers should stay in touch with the relevant law enforcement agencies, all jail superintendents should supervise the staff searches themselves, and provide a report to the DIG Jail.

The letter further stated that during the Eid holidays, all employees should not be allowed to leave the headquarters, and during the Eid holidays, prisoners can be allowed to meet with their families for three days in the welfare section.

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