Shahbaz Sharif claims victory in defamation case against PTI government in London press conference

London: According to ARY News, while speaking to the media in London, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that the PTI government had issued a statement against me based on lies, which increased my honor.

The Prime Minister stated that efforts were made to gather evidence against me from other countries, including New Zealand, and my victory in the case is a victory for the whole of Pakistan.

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He said that Imran Khan had used every tactic against me but had failed, and my honor had been enhanced as a result.

The Prime Minister also mentioned that his meeting with the Scottish First Minister, Hamza Yusuf, was positive and a capital investment conference would be held soon.

Previously, Sharif had stated that elections should be held on the same day throughout the country and there was a conspiracy against Pakistan’s election in Punjab.

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He stated that Audilex had exposed all the roles, and no one could take away the power of legislation from Parliament. A single day of elections in the country is also a constitutional requirement.

The Prime Minister stated that in 2018, Imran Khan was made prime minister under a conspiracy, and the audio of Saqib Nisar’s son is proof of the conspiracy to bring Imran Khan back to power.

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Abdul Rehman

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