Shahbaz Sharif Wins Vote of Confidence in National Assembly with 180 Members Supporting Him

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has won a vote of confidence from the National Assembly. He received the vote of confidence from 180 members of the assembly.

According to ARY News, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has won the vote of confidence in the National Assembly, with 180 members of the House expressing confidence in him. After the counting, Speaker of the National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf announced the result.

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At the time of the vote, 190 members were present in the National Assembly. Nine expelled members of the PTI and one member of the GDA did not vote for the Prime Minister.

At this point, the National Assembly approved a vote of confidence in the Prime Minister, and after winning the vote of confidence, Shahbaz Sharif thanked every member one by one. He also shook hands with opposition leader Raja Riaz.

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The Speaker directed the names of the members who cast the vote of confidence to be uploaded on the National Assembly’s website and said that if the late Mufti Abdul Shakoor were present today, the figure for the vote of confidence would have been 181.

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