Shahid Kapoor threatens Elon Musk on social media

Mumbai: Famous Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor has threatened the owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, over the social network’s decision to terminate its free Blue Tick verification service, which has not only affected ordinary users but also famous personalities around the world.

The Blue Tick verification has disappeared from the Twitter handles of famous Bollywood personalities, including Shahid Kapoor.

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A Twitter user named Abhey Sarvasto shared a picture of the actor in which he can be seen riding a bike in anger.

In the caption of the picture, the user wrote that Shahid Kapoor is going to beat up Elon Musk for his Blue Tick.

Reacting instantly, the actor wrote, “Who touched my Blue Tick? I am coming for you Elon Musk.”

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To this, a user wrote in response that “It’s okay, just pay 900 rupees and you’ll get your Blue Tick back, no need to go there otherwise petrol will be wasted.”

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