Shan Shahid’s daughter Bhushan Shahid praises grandmother Neelo Begum in viral video

The statement about the daughter of Shan Shahid’s father and grandmother has gone viral on social media. Bhushan Shahid, the daughter of the famous Pakistani actor and producer Shan Shahid, can be seen giving an interview to a vlogger in a short video clip that has gone viral on social media.

Bhushan Shahid is the granddaughter of the popular actress Neelo Begum. When asked by the vlogger who she follows the most in her career among her father, grandfather, and grandmother, Bhushan answered without hesitation that in her opinion, no one is better than her grandmother Neelo Begum.

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The actor’s daughter said, “I cannot become like her, but I will definitely try to get as close to her as possible. If I can do that, I will be very happy with my life.”

Bhushan Shahid also said that she follows her father, but it is very difficult to become like her grandfather or grandmother.

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The vlogger asked Shan Shahid if his daughter prefers her grandmother over him. The actor said that it is a very good thing, and most people in our family have a connection to films.

He also said that Bhushan has a responsibility not only to become an unbeatable actor but also to become the best director and screenwriter.

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