Shaukat Khanum Hospital is preparing medical reports, allegations against Asad Umar

Islamabad: Federal Minister for Planning, Asad Umar of the Muslim League-N has accused Shaukat Khanum Hospital of preparing medical reports.

According to details, the leader of the Muslim League-N and federal minister for planning, Asad Umar, while talking to the media, said that the country’s economy had suffered severely in the past 4 years and no attention was paid to the development budget.

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Asad Umar said that Pakistan had faced severe energy crises in the past, but under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif, the country was put on the path of progress and we need to focus on a productive economy.

The federal minister said that the military had separated itself from politics after learning from past experiences and this move should be welcomed.

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He said that it is the responsibility of politicians to solve problems through dialogue. If you think differently, then nothing can be done. The PTI should consider its actions.

Asad Umar further said that whenever the country moves towards stability, Imran Khan throws a wrench into the works. If you are innocent, face the courts. Shaukat Khanum Hospital is preparing medical reports.

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