Sitting on the bonnet and traveling has become expensive for the bride.

The newlywed bride faced a lot of difficulties when she sat on the bonnet of a car and traveled in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

A few days ago, the bride shared a video on social media of her traveling while sitting on the bonnet of a car. In the video, it was seen that she was sitting without taking any safety measures, and during this time, any unfortunate incident could occur.

The mentioned video of the bride went viral on social media so quickly that even the traffic police took notice. The girl was fined for violating the laws.

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A girl named Varunika from the Allahabad area had previously ridden a scooter without a helmet as well.

Varunika was fined 15,000 rupees for sitting on the bonnet, while riding a scooter without a helmet incurred a fine of 1,500 rupees.

A few days ago, in the state of Bihar, a police officer went into a frenzy and shot the bride on her wedding day when she refused to marry him.

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The police officer entered a beauty parlor where the woman was getting her makeup done as a bride and was about to tie the knot.

When the suspect saw the woman getting ready as a bride, he got angry and shot her twice. One bullet hit her left shoulder, while the other bullet missed and passed by.

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After shooting the woman, the suspect attempted suicide, but he couldn’t do it because he dropped the pistol from his hand due to panic.

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