Spent millions of rupees just to gain a few inches in height.

“I spent millions of rupees just for a few inches of height increase. In America, a person spent $173,000 (which is over 44 crore Pakistani rupees) for just a 5-inch height increase. According to international media reports, a resident of Minnesota, Gibson, whose height was 5 feet 5 inches, used to feel inferior due to his relatively shorter height. Gibson told local media in an interview that he had to endure people’s mocking comments due to his shorter height, which made him feel inferior, and sometimes he used to put various things in his shoes to make himself look taller. He tried spiritual and other treatments for height increase, but could not achieve the desired results.”

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A teenager shared that they made the decision to undergo a painful surgery to increase their height by 5 inches because they felt a decreased sense of self-worth when they were not as tall as others. They underwent two surgeries to lengthen their legs, which cost over 1,730,000 Pakistani Rupees (approximately over 14 million USD).

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Gibson, the surgeon who performed the first surgery, stated that it cost over 750,000 Pakistani Rupees (over 2 million USD) and the teenager had to work for three years as a software engineer during the day and as an Uber driver at night to save up for it. After the first surgery, the teenager was not satisfied with the 3-inch increase in height, leading them to undergo a second surgery in the same year, costing approximately 980,000 Pakistani Rupees (approximately over 3 million USD) and resulting in an additional 2-inch increase in height.

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