Spider builds house in woman’s ear, shocking video

In China, an unbelievable incident occurred where a spider built a house inside a woman’s ear and started living there.

According to foreign media reports, the Chinese woman heard a strange sound in her ear and went to the hospital. There, it was discovered that a spider had started living in her ear, building a house.

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As per a report in a British newspaper, doctors at the hospital in the Sichuan province of China informed that due to the spider’s entry into the woman’s ear, she was hearing strange sounds and also experiencing pain.

When the doctor inserted a camera into the woman’s right ear to assess the situation and began cleaning it, a spider came out from inside.

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Chinese doctor Han Jinglong stated that there were many cobwebs made by the spider inside the woman’s ear, which were difficult to remove. When we looked closely, it seemed like something was moving inside which was finally removed.

According to foreign media, the spider found in the woman’s ear was not poisonous, and the woman’s ear only suffered minor damage.

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