“Supreme Court asks political parties to provide suggestions on conducting simultaneous elections in the country”

The Supreme Court has issued a notice to all political parties in the country in the case of holding simultaneous elections and the hearing has been adjourned until 11:30 am today.

According to News, the Ministry of Defense had requested a hearing in the Supreme Court for holding simultaneous elections throughout the country. A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Omar Ata Bandial heard the case and after listening to the arguments of the Attorney General and other lawyers, issued a notice to all political parties and adjourned the hearing until 11:30 am today.

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Chief Justice Omar Ata Bandial said that this case cannot be prolonged any further. The five-day Eid holidays have started. My fellow judges say that five days is enough time.

On this occasion, the government’s chief advocate said that a court decision is never implemented for just one reason, but for several reasons. People are confused and tense, and it is necessary to implement the court decision. A request has been filed to take the people out of the emotional state. If the elections are held separately, many complications will arise. The elected governments in the provinces will be affected by the elections.

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The Chief Justice said that when the discussion was going on, why didn’t the Attorney General raise this point? Who told them to put pressure on them at three or four o’clock? Ask them who stopped them from taking this position?

The government’s chief advocate said that the political parties still agree..

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Abdul Rehman

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