Thadal: The Favorite Beverage of Sindh Residents to Beat the Heat

As the temperature rises, the popularity of the traditional and cultural beverage, Thadal, increases at its stalls in Sindh. People use Thadal to alleviate the fatigue of the day.

During the summer season, the temperature in the upper regions of Sindh and southeastern Balochistan can reach up to 50 degrees. So, with the start of the summer season, colorful stalls are set up at various places on the highways of these areas, where homemade Thadal is sold.

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In this series, when the sun rose in the city of Sukkur, the residents were reminded of the cold Thadal drink. People flocked in groups to the traditional Thadal stalls in different parts of the city.

Drinking Thadal in the scorching heat of the sun and severe hot weather can reduce the intensity of the heat. So, the residents of Sindh drink their cultural beverage, Thadal, with great enthusiasm.

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Thadal used to be prepared by hand, but with modern times, it has been updated. All the ingredients included in Thadal are mixed in a large mixer machine to prepare it. Thadal is extremely beneficial for the human body.

Abdul Rehman

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