The 85th death anniversary of Allama Doctor Muhammad Iqbal

Today, the 85th death anniversary of the sage of the nation, Allama Doctor Muhammad Iqbal, who dreamed of Pakistan, is being celebrated throughout the country with reverence, respect, and national sentiment.

Doctor Allama Muhammad Iqbal was one of the most important figures of the 20th century, a renowned poet, writer, lawyer, politician, Muslim Sufi, and leader of the Pakistan movement.

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On the occasion of Doctor Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s death anniversary, prayers and ceremonies will be held in which he will be praised in magnificent words.

Throughout his life, you made efforts to awaken Muslims’ sense of responsibility and consciousness, and through your poetry, you breathed new life into the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent, which proved to be extremely effective in the freedom movement.

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Allama Iqbal taught Muslims to stay united and break the chains of slavery, and emphasized the need for unity among different sects and groups, not just for Muslims in the Indian subcontinent, but for the entire Muslim world.

You were laid to rest in the Royal Mosque on April 21, 1938, in the lap of the Creator. On the occasion of your death anniversary, prayers and ceremonies will be held throughout the country.

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