(The Body in the Centre – Selected from World Literature)

A criminal sentenced to hanging was given the punishment. To implement the sentence, he was imprisoned on a remote and nameless island far from the city so that he could not influence the decision using his wealth or influence.

The criminal tried his luck on the island and decided to bribe the jailer so that he could escape from the island in any way and at any cost.

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The jailer told him that the security measures were very strict here, and no prisoner could escape from the island except in one case, which is…death!

But greed of millions made the jailer ready to accompany the prisoner. For this purpose, the jailer came up with a strange and unusual plan and told the millionaire criminal the following…

“Listen: The only thing that comes out of the jail island without any security arrangements and inspection is a coffin of the dead. When someone is sentenced to hanging or dies a natural death, their bodies are put in coffins and transferred to a ship, where a few unarmed guards perform some simple rituals under their supervision and then send these coffins to the cemetery for burial. The guards then return after transferring these coffins to the dry land. This procedure is carried out every day at ten o’clock in the morning, in such a way that there are dead bodies and coffins in the morgue. The only solution for your escape is to pretend to be dead and be sent out in a coffin with the dead bodies. However, there is a catch…”

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Abdul Rehman

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