The demand for an additional expenditure of 21 billion rupees for the KP, Punjab elections has been rejected.

Demand for extra expenses of Rs. 21 billion for KP, Punjab elections rejected

According to News, the motion for additional expenses of Rs. 21 billion for KP and Punjab elections was rejected in the National Assembly. While expressing his views in the National Assembly, Attorney General Nazeer Tarar said that the agreement related to the provision of funds by the National Assembly has been approved, and four judges of the Supreme Court have issued a decision against the suo motu notice.

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He said that the National Assembly has already rejected the provision of supplementary grants, and in this chamber hearing, the State Bank has been directed to issue Rs. 21 billion.

The Attorney General said that the cabinet has also directed to approve the additional expenses from the assembly.

Nazeer Tarar said that there are clear instructions regarding the use of specific funds in the Constitution, and it is the prerogative of the Assembly to approve the use of funds.

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The session of the National Assembly has been adjourned until tomorrow morning at 12 o’clock.

Abdul Rehman

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