The flour crisis has resurfaced in Karachi, the city with the largest population in the country.

According to the details, Karachi is once again facing a flour crisis, as the Flour Mills near the city have only a 2-day reserve of wheat left.

Due to the unavailability of wheat, the Flour Mills will shut down within 48 hours. There is a possibility of an increase in the price of flour in the wholesale market after a 6 rupee increase in the price of wheat. The price of a 100-kilogram bag of wheat reached 12,300 rupees in Karachi due to the scarcity of wheat.

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Flour Mills Association claims that the Sindh government has violated the written agreement. There was an agreement to lift the ban on bringing wheat from Sindh to Karachi after May 15th.

The Chairman of the Flour Mills Association states that a notification was supposed to be issued on May 12th to end the ban, but the ban has not been lifted yet.

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Abdul Rehman

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