The habit of self-examination before sleep that improves cognitive function

Spending time in fresh air and having a connection with nature is extremely important for an individual’s physical and mental well-being, and a recent study has confirmed this.

According to a study, opening the bedroom window before sleeping improves the quality of sleep and enhances cognitive abilities.

40 individuals participated in the research, and those who ensured proper ventilation in their rooms for fresh air before sleeping were able to enjoy a sound sleep at night.

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Experts suggest that people who maintain proper ventilation before sleeping not only sleep well but also have better mental abilities the next day.

During the research, individuals were allowed to sleep normally during the first week, while in the second week, they were instructed to open the window and door if they were sleeping with them closed, and vice versa for those who were sleeping with them open.

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The study revealed that individuals who slept with the window and door open not only enjoyed better sleep but also experienced an increase in their cognitive abilities.

Abdul Rehman

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