The important figure of the PTI has separated from the party.

Islamabad: Former Information Advisor of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Ajmal Wazir, has also announced his departure from the party.

According to details, Ajmal Wazir held a press conference in Islamabad, where he announced his decision to leave the party. He stated that he has made the decision to leave PTI after the events of May 9. Ajmal Wazir said, “I am reading unwritten things and feeling no pressure. After May 9, there are two options for me: either remain silent or condemn. Remaining silent means being complicit, while condemning means going against the party.”

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He further stated that he has remained silent for three years, but now he is speaking up. He mentioned that he tolerated excesses within his circle, but he cannot tolerate excesses against the country.

It should be noted that the former provincial minister, Dr. Hisham Inamullah, had also announced his departure from the party yesterday. During a press conference, Dr. Hisham Inamullah expressed his deep concern over the events of May 9, stating that he never thought people would go to such lengths in the face of protests.

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He also added that our young people are sacrificing their lives for the nation and for us. My decision would not have been like this if Imran Khan had condemned the events. After his release, Imran Khan should have visited the memorials of the martyrs.

Abdul Rehman

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