The Mention of Mohini Hamid, the Nightingale of Broadcasts

Mohini Das began her artistic journey through radio in her youth and then remained associated with the same medium under the name Aapa Shamim for 35 years. During this period, she presented high-quality and beautiful programs for the radio listeners.

Mohini Das, along with the weekly program for children, also narrated stories in her melodious voice for many years. Not only children but also adults all over Pakistan eagerly listened to Aapa Shamim. She passed away recently during her stay in the United States.

Mohini Hamid, the heroine of popular dramas on Radio Pakistan and the famous singer of many popular songs for children, was honored at the governmental level, and she received various awards within the country and abroad in the world of art. She played a central role in the famous drama “Anar Kali,” created by Imtiaz Ali Taj, a renowned playwright. The radio community aptly referred to Mohini Hamid as the “Nightingale of Broadcasts.”

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Mohini Das belonged to a Christian family and got married to Hamid Ahmed, who worked as a manager in a newspaper in 1954. Thus, she became Mohini Hamid. The couple’s daughter, Kanwal Nasir, is also a renowned voice artist and host on radio and television in Pakistan.

Mohini Das opened her eyes in a Christian household in the Batla area of India in 1922. In 1938, she joined All India Radio as a drama artist. Later, she started working in Lahore station and became Aapa Shamim, a beloved figure in every household. After the creation of Pakistan, she settled here permanently and continued her journey on the radio.

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This happened in 1957 when Mohini Hamid was declared the best voice of the year. In 1963, Radio Pakistan Lahore celebrated her silver jubilee, and in 1965, she was honored with the “Tamgha-e-Imtiaz” (Medal of Excellence) by the President of Pakistan. In 1969, the United Nations displayed her picture and writings along with distinguished Asian women. In 1998, when she went abroad, the Government of Pakistan announced the “Tamgha-e-Imtiaz” for her once again. In 1999, she received the Mohini Hamid Lifetime Achievement Award from the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation.

On May 16, 2009, Mohini Hamid passed away in the United States. Mohini Hamid was associated with a generation of voice artists that included Mustafa Ali Hamdani, Ikhlaq Ahmed Dehlvi, Aziz-ur-Rehman, and Marza Sultan Beg, also known as Nazam Deen, who were accomplished writers for radio and awakened the magic of their voices. The names of Imtiaz Ali Taj, Rafi Peer, and Shaukat Thanvi are included among the stars of the literary and artistic world with whom Mohini Hamid worked, proving herself to be competent and one of the best artists. She was celebrated by talented individuals like Imtiaz Ali Taj and Rafi Peer.

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