The negligence of hospital staff has put the life of a child in danger in India.

According to reports from Indian media, a family related to the area of Langamagor in Karnataka had come to attend a wedding ceremony, where the child was accidentally injured and suffered a wound on the left eye.

The injured child was immediately transferred to a private hospital for medical assistance, where the hospital staff demonstrated extreme negligence by applying a feeding tube (Foley catheter) instead of administering the necessary treatment.

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As soon as the feeding tube was applied, the child began to scream in pain, and the affected child’s father informed the doctors about this negligence, but they simply dismissed it as a mistake.

The boy’s father requested the local police station to file a case regarding the incident, stating that the private hospital staff demonstrated extreme negligence. If the feeding tube had gone into the child’s eye, who would have been responsible?

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The police have started an investigation upon the request of the affected father.

Abdul Rehman

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