The Pakistani army does not support any particular group, ideology or opinion – ISPR DG Major General Ahmad Shereef stated in a press conference in Rawalpindi.

Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has reiterated that the real power lies in the people of Pakistan. Pakistan’s military is a national army and all politicians and political parties are respected. The army does not support any particular group, ideology or opinion.

He said that the constitution of Pakistan gives every Pakistani the right to freedom of expression, but this very constitution also confines this freedom within some laws and limitations. Some people may be doing all this for personal gain, while some may have political motives. They give importance to constructive criticism, but Pakistan’s armed forces cannot be pressurized or deceived like any other army in the world.

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The spokesperson for the Pakistan army said that former soldiers are our asset and their countless sacrifices are made for our welfare. The organizations of former soldiers are formed for their welfare and prosperity. The organizations of former soldiers should not have any political or commercial purposes. Veterans are not exempt from the law and organizations of former soldiers should not wear the garment of politics.

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DG ISPR further said that there is a non-political and constitutional relationship between the government and the army. The army is bound by the constitution and will continue to fulfill its constitutional responsibilities.

Abdul Rehman

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