The Prime Minister has issued an ultimatum to apprehend the attackers of Jinnah House within 72 hours.

Lahore: Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has issued an ultimatum to apprehend the attackers of Jinnah House within 72 hours.

According to details, during his visit to Pakistan Safe City Authority, the Prime Minister said that the incident on May 9th was the most horrific and tragic incident in the country’s history, and he praised the bravery of the injured army and police officers.

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Shahbaz Sharif said that he was heartbroken upon seeing Jinnah House, which has been completely destroyed and burned to the ground. He attributed this to the good fortune of our enemy, Imran Niazi, who, under his planning, armed groups turned Jinnah House into ashes.

The Prime Minister said that in 75 years of our history, no enemy has been able to do what Imran Niazi has done. The chamber of Jinnah House was burned, and furniture was burned as well. Imran Niazi’s groups set Jinnah House on fire. After this tragic incident, the entire nation is extremely saddened.

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He said that such planning cannot be made by any Pakistani, and it is no less than terrorism and enemy of the country. Those who participate in such worst actions will face the consequences of the law.

The Prime Minister said that those who participated in this act will be punished according to the law. Those who planned it, attacked police and army officers with sticks, and attacked young people will be brought to justice.

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Shahbaz Sharif…

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