The smallest but deadliest skin cancer found on the face of a woman

Oregon: Experts in skin diseases in the United States have detected the smallest but deadliest skin cancer on the face of a woman, which has also been acknowledged by Guinness World Records.

According to international media reports, a team of skin disease experts at the Health and Science University in the state of Oregon, USA, has identified the smallest skin cancer under the eye of a woman named Christie Status, which is the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

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According to Christie Status’s statement, she was worried about a red spot on her cheek, so she went to the doctor, but the doctor told her it was harmless, which made her relieved. However, when skin disease experts saw another but very small spot on her face during the examination, they became worried. It was a very small spot, measuring only 0.65 millimeters, and it was almost hidden from the human eye.

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Using the latest technology, the team was able to confirm that it was melanoma, which is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. They did not insert anything into the skin and were able to detect cancer without cutting it.

On May 1st, a judge from Guinness World Records recognized the team’s discovery and awarded them a certificate.

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It should be noted that melanoma is a type of skin cancer that can spread to other parts of the body, not just the skin. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the world.

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