“The Versatile Coconut: Benefits of Eating, Drinking, and Applying Coconut Oil”

This is a special gift given by the power of coconut that can be eaten, drunk, and applied in the form of oil. According to health experts, coconut water is full of various nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus, all of which provide benefits for bone health, cell health, and healthy aging.

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In the ARY News program Bakhabar Savera, nutritionist Dr. Arij Haroon discussed the countless benefits of coconut oil and explained various ways to use it. She stated that coconut oil contains everything and can be used for cooking, skincare, bone health, nail care, and even makeup removal. Coconut water is also extremely beneficial for health as it helps improve bone and dental health.

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Their statement was that applying coconut oil on the face helps to restore skin elasticity and prevents wrinkles. Additionally, adding a few drops of lemon to coconut water and applying it as a mask can help eliminate the problem of dry skin.

Gargling with coconut oil twice a day helps keep teeth healthy. Not only does it eliminate toxins present in teeth, but it is also beneficial in reducing tooth sensitivity.

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Using coconut oil for massage provides a lot of relaxation, and it can be helpful for individuals suffering from joint pain. Moreover, it is the best drink for before and after exercise.

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