These signs can indicate cancer

Cancer has become a common disease worldwide, and its fatality rate is also increasing. However, this disease does not occur suddenly, and if diagnosed early, it can be prevented from becoming fatal.

It is essential to know the initial signs of cancer so that it can be immediately treated.

Changes coming soon

Changes in a new mark or structure, color, or size that may occur soon in the skin may be a sign of skin cancer. If there is a sudden and unusual change in the skin, it is essential to consult a doctor.

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Persistent cough

Although coughing is a common disease, if it persists despite treatment, it can be a sign of cancer, especially if you are a tobacco addict.

If coughing leads to bleeding, it can also be a sign of cancer.

Swelling in the abdomen

Women who complain of abdominal swelling and do not feel bloated should consult a doctor. It can be a sign of uterine cancer.

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Urinary problems

As men get older, they often face problems related to urination, such as too much urination or a weak bladder, which can sometimes be a result of bladder cancer.

Blood in the urine

If you see blood after going to the toilet, it is better to consult a doctor.

Blood in the urine can also be a sign of colon cancer, while blood in the urine is also a sign of bladder cancer

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