Thirteen-year-old brave Gudiya saved her mother from the jaws of a crocodile.

In India, a 13-year-old girl named Gudiya, from the Ahmedpur area of ​​Ali Garh city, displayed courage beyond her age and did something that has made her family proud. She fought against a ferocious crocodile alone and surprised everyone.

Yesterday, Gudiya’s mother, Sati, had gone to the banks of the Kali river to fetch water when a crocodile attacked her and dragged her into the river. Hearing her mother’s screams, Gudiya bravely jumped into the river and fought fiercely with the crocodile. Without worrying about her own life, she managed to save her mother by taking her out of the crocodile’s jaws.

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Despite the crocodile biting one of her hands, Sati fought back with the other hand and continued to attack the crocodile until it let go of her. After the incident, Sati’s condition is still worrisome. She received treatment at a government hospital and has now returned home.

Gudiya’s bravery in saving her mother’s life has become the talk of the town.

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