Threat to Modi government from frustrated farmers over agricultural policies

New Delhi: Indian farmers are frustrated with Modi government’s policies and have given a threat to the government. They say that if their demands are not accepted, they will stage sit-ins for an indefinite period of time.

According to details, Indian farmers are protesting against the controversial agricultural laws of the Modi government and farmers across the country are protesting. In Maharashtra, hundreds of farmers took to the streets in support of their demands, waving red flags and the fiery participants chanted slogans against the government. It is clear that Indian farmers are continuing their three-day protest march from Eqbal to Loni in support of their demands.

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It should be remembered that in 2019, the All India Kisan Sabha organized a successful Long March from Maharashtra to Mumbai in support of the rights of farmers and landowners, when their demands were not met.

During this time, thousands of farmers’ protesters headed towards Mumbai from Nashik, holding playing cards in their hands, on which demands for reducing loans, providing water and paying good prices for crops were written.

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Farmers had given an ultimatum to the Maharashtra government, but the authorities refused to accept their demands, after which the protesters started a foot march towards Mumbai.

Abdul Rehman

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