Title: Sheikh Rashid Expresses Concerns Over Current Government and Upholds Faith in Divine Justice

“Allah knows well who is in minus and who is in plus. The head of the Awami Muslim League, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, has said that only Allah knows who is going into minus and who is going into plus, and the decision will be made this week.

According to ARY News, the head of the Awami Muslim League and former Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has expressed his views on the current situation of the country on social networking site Twitter.

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Sheikh Rashid said that the current government has become detestable in the eyes of the people. Whoever supports them will sink. Even trees and stones are lamenting their condition. Allah knows who is going into minus and who is going into plus, but the decision will be made this week, or at most, next week, by the month of June.

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The senior politician said that the entire nation not only condemns the attacks on Jinnah House and GHQ but is also saddened by them. The harassment of innocent people will damage the institutions. The economic situation has become terrifying. Going or not going to the assembly makes no difference.

He also said that spending two to three months in jail does not bring about doomsday, but the stain of selling out never fades away. In difficult times, they do not leave the side of their racial and original people and remain steadfast like a rock.”

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Abdul Rehman

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