To teach Muslims about prayer, “Smart Jaaye Namaz” has been developed!

To teach Muslims about prayer, “Smart Jaaye Namaz” has been developed!

For the purpose of teaching Muslims about prayer, a citizen of Qatar has created “Smart Jaaye Namaz,” which has been recognized with a Gold Medal. You may have heard and seen about smartphones, smart TVs, and other electronic devices, but now the world has also created “Smart Jaaye Namaz,” which is the world’s first smart prayer and aims to facilitate the learning and performance of prayer for new Muslims who have embraced Islam.

According to international media, Qatar’s citizen and engineer, Abdulrahman Saleh Khames, has made this significant invention for new Muslims, which has gained global recognition. Abdulrahman was honored with a Gold Medal at the 48th International Inventions Exhibition held in Geneva for creating the world’s first Smart Jaaye Namaz.

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Qatari engineer Abdulrahman Saleh Khames, in an interview with the media, revealed that he has named his invention “Sujood,” which will assist new Muslims who have embraced the religion of Islam in learning and reciting prayers.

This Smart Jaaye Namaz has a screen and light installed, and it also includes speakers that teach prayer in more than 25 different ways in English and Arabic to those who are learning prayer.

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Abdulrahman Saleh Khames stated that this is the first Smart Jaaye Namaz in the world for all Muslims around the globe, which will provide them with a lesson on prayer in the light of Sharia. It will help Muslim brothers and sisters who have embraced Islam to learn the religion and teach them the correct way to perform prayer without any difficulties.

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He further explained that along with the obligatory prayers, this Smart Jaaye Namaz, through its LED screen displaying Quranic verses during Taraweeh, Qiyam, and other acts of worship, can enhance one’s prayer experience.

Abdulrahman has designed this Smart Jaaye Namaz in such a way that every Muslim can set it up according to their needs using their mobile phones.

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