Toba Sultanpur: Kidnapped traders return home after 20 days

Four cloth merchants from Toba Sultanpur, a city in the Wahiwal district, who were kidnapped a few days ago, have returned to their homes. According to details, the kidnappers released the four merchants 20 days after their abduction.

The merchants had paid a huge ransom to the kidnappers, and they were abducted in Kishmora 20 days ago. A political figure intervened and settled the matter between the heirs of the merchants and the kidnappers. The traders who were released from the clutches of the dacoits have refused to speak to the media, while the heirs of the recovered traders are also avoiding talking to the media.

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It is clear from sources that the four traders, including Masood Kambuha, Sarfaraz Khan Panda, Muhammad Abbas, and Akram, were lured into buying 60,000 new suits to be distributed among the poor in the Gothki area of Sindh. The traders had also brought suits worth 700,000 rupees as samples. However, when they reached Gothki, they were kidnapped by the kidnappers.

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Abdul Rehman

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