Tragedy: Collision between a truck and a van, 9 people killed

Tragedy: 9 people killed in a traffic accident with tourists heading to Kinjhar Lake from Karachi.

According to details, a horrific collision occurred between a truck and a van on the National Highway near Chilia, resulting in the death of 9 people. The victims of the accident are from Karachi.

After the incident, the driver successfully fled the scene. As soon as the police and rescue teams were informed, they rushed to the site of the incident. Rescue officials said that the bodies of 6 people were trapped under the truck.

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The residents of Gaddafi Town in Karachi had come to Thatta to celebrate a picnic, but an accident occurred on their way back. All 9 people in the van were killed in the accident, while the car was completely destroyed.

Rescue officials further said that the bodies of those killed in the accident were transferred to the Thatta Hospital Morgue by rescue teams.

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According to the latest information, after the identification of the bodies of the 9 people killed in the Thatta accident, they were taken to Karachi. The deceased include Abdullah, Taseebullah, Muhammad Qaiser, Noorullah, Wahab, Adnan, and others. Deputy Commissioner Ghulam Farooq Sumroo sent the bodies to Karachi through rescue agencies.

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