Ukrainian President rejects Russian accusation of drone attack on Putin’s residence

Ukrainian President Zelensky dismissed Russian allegations of a drone attack on Putin’s residence, expressing no connection to the incident. According to foreign media, after two consecutive drone attacks on Vladimir Putin’s residence in the Kremlin last week, Russia accused Ukraine of a drone attack on the presidential palace, attempting to kill President Putin.

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After the second drone attack on Putin’s residence in the Kremlin, Russia responded with retaliatory action in Ukraine, dropping bombs on several residential areas including a supermarket, killing 21 and injuring 48 people.

The Deputy Chairman of the Russian National Security Council stated that ending Zelensky and his associates is the only option left.

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However, the Ukrainian President has denied the attack, saying “we did not attack Vladimir Putin or Moscow. We are fighting on our own land, defending our villages and cities.”

Meanwhile, the United States has expressed ignorance of the situation. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said they could not confirm the deadly drone attack on Putin.

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